U‐Track Certified E‐Log System

Electronic Driver Log

U‐Track Certified E‐log system is a completely ELD Compliant, cost effective, State of the Art, Electronic Driver Logs Application that will simplify the new complex rule sets that have been released by the DOT.

U‐Track: Advanced Features & Functionality

  • All new Rule Sets including State Variances and Exception Rule Sets
  • Advanced Alerting and Notification System lets users know before compliance errors occur.
  • Country specific rule sets for Canada, U.S.A. & Mexico
  • Automated duty status changes and electronic and electronic Driver logs help drivers through their day.
  • Restart Rules, Rest Breaks and Sleeper Berth, Personal Conveyance and Yard Moves provisions; provisions are included.
  • U‐Track Certified saves time and money to help Motor Carriers increase profits!

Driver Log Book Requirements:

DOT Regulatory Mandates have been written into the Federal Registry that will require all vehicles to be equipped with Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's).

Further, all drivers will have to produce Electronic Logs by December 2017 and be completely compliant with all new regulations by December 2019. The days of the paper logbook is numbered. Are you ready?

HOS Log Book Regulations & Requirements

Every driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle shall record his/her duty status, in duplicate, for each 24‐hour period. The duty status time shall be recorded on a grid, and may be combined with any company forms. Every driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle shall record his/her duty status by using an automatic on‐board recording device that meets the requirements of FMCSA.DOT.GOV Part 395.15. The Duty Status shall be recorded as follows:

Duty Status should be listed as "Off Duty" or "OFF", "Sleeper Berth" or "SB", "Driving" or "D" or "On
Duty" or "ON".

For each change of duty status, the name of the city, town or village, with State abbreviation shall be
recorded along with:

  • Date: Current Month, Day and Year for the 24 Hour Period being Reported.
  • Total miles driving today for the current 24 Hour Period being Reported.
  • Truck/Tractor and Trailer Number of all equipment used in the current 24 hour period.
  • Name of Carrier(s) shall be listed on the Duty Status Report for each carrier that the Driver has performed work for along with the Start and End Times of each.
  • Driver's signature / certification shall be included to certify that the driver information entered is true and correct.
  • 24 hour period starting time must appear on the graph.
  • Main Office address shall appear on the Duty Status Log.
  • Remarks or comments section of Duty Status Log shall be used to list Status Change Locations as well as other incidentals.
  • Name of Co‐Driver is any exists will be listed on the Duty Status Log.
  • Total Hours (far right edge of grid), shall be listed which total each Duty Status. The total of which shall equal 24 hours.
  • Shipping document numbers or name of shipper and commodity shall be listed on the Duty Status Log.


Motor carriers, when using a driver for the first time or intermittently, shall obtain from the driver a signed statement giving the total time on duty during the immediately preceding 7 days and the time at which the driver was last relieved from duty prior to beginning work for the motor carriers.

Retention of driver's record of duty status.

Each motor carrier shall maintain records of duty status and all supporting documents for each driver it employs for a period of six months from the date of receipt.

The driver shall retain a copy of each record of duty status for the previous 7 consecutive days which shall be in his/her possession and available for inspection while on duty.

Source: FMCSA.DOT.GOV Part 395.8 Drivers Record of Duty Status Hours Of Service Regulations