Our user can create upto 10 separate geozones, including name, add and remove zones as needed. As job sites change and off site information for employee arrival and departure is a must to track remote off site operations.

Email Alerts

We offer various different types of email notifications to fit the industry that we are applying our solution. Some of the types of notifications are: speeding, geozone arrival/departure, input notification

  • Speeding over alerts; preset thresholds
  • Service notifications for equipment and vehicles (total hours for equipment and km reading for vehicles.)

Multiple Tracking Hardware Options

Ultrack ‘s robust platform options allows you to track everything from your vehicles to your loved ones all on the same account. Versatility is what we offer to give you the best options to suit your business demands. Whether you’re tracking your business phones or generator on a remote site, it can all become easy to keep track of on our platform

Multiple User Accts

We have the ability to create multiple user accounts for you and your employees. If you have a client that needs to share a view or see some of your units then we can grant access with limited viewing of just the units you want them to see.

Platform Viewing

Our application can be viewed from any web browser ie; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.. This makes access to your account much more convenient and with our mobile friendly app gives you access through your smart phone device or tablet.

We also have enterprise solutions for larger clients that require it. A server with in your organization that can be tied into other API’s to make your solution a valuable tool.


With various different reports Ultrack software provides you with everything you need to manage your fleet. Whether it is 1 or 1000+ it is easy to track and our reports are broken down by Device, Zone, and Fleet. The fleet reports allow you to quickly isolate exceptions that you wish to keep an eye on such as those that frequently speed, idle or park too long. Identifying this data allows you to filter out some the information you may not want to see saving valuable time.

Pinpointing the problematic areas saves you the trouble of finding the problem, and allows you to focus on SOLUTIONS to increase your bottom line!