Theft Prevention

Do you know where your high valued assets are on remote locations? No matter what business you are in, equipment theft can hurt any organization. Insurance premiums affect everyone’s policies. Our GPS asset tracking platform enables you to track your high-value assets in real-time, therefore you can avoid unexpected financial losses and run your business with peace of mind.

Time Card Verification

One of the most utilized features and requests for our services. Depending on employee time cards to verify their hours? Now Payables can verify those cards via our different platform features that apply to you and be confirmed through various features

We offer the user multiple Location Markers to track site or off site arrivals and departures and total time on site to assist in calculating or comparing hours worked to employee time cards. Or there are other options that we can assist that offer a more dirtect approach to operation managers to monitor hours.

Driver Identification

It is crucial in identifying drivers when they switch vehicles, particularly when time card management is used to rectify time sheets. We have many different options available to effectively track driver identification and make time card management easy and painless. This allows you to concentrate on your business growth rather than having to spend time managing important internal operations.

Temperature Monitoring

Reefer trailers are ideal for the u300 with add-on hardware. Our platform can display up to 8 sensors per trailer and give you continually readings to ensure your product is at a constant. We can create separate user accts for your customers to monitor their loads if required.

Power take-off (PTO) Alerts

We have the ability to report different triggers that are useful to your fleet monitoring options. Some of the different triggers that are reporting to our customers include:

  • Tow truck booms, time on, off and duration
  • Dump truck box notifications; time on time off and duration activated.

HOS( Hours of Service)/ Driver E Logs

Upgrading you business to become compliant to the new regulations coming out in 2017 to Driver E logs has just become an easy addition with Ultrack solution. By simply adding a tab to your current acct you can now become compliant without additional stress and unnecessary cost. Read more about HOS software capabilities


All our products are based on the premise that we can expand on your services as your fleet demands it. We use only quality hardware that has the fundamental base to expand to a fully comprehensive solution.