Track & Manage Your Fleet, Anytime, Anywhere  

Viewing  your assets  from your mobile/smart phone  device, tablet or desktop. Conveniently allowing  you to stay in touch with your fleet at all times

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We have taken GPS tracking from the blip on the screen to a sophisticated back-end informative fleet tracking tool that allows you to micromanage your operation without the additional cost and effort.

"Turn data and insight into business results with powerful features and the support of an experienced team"

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Ultrack offers more

A user friendly management system that offers informative real-time data to improve your business...


Asset visibility through tracking in real time. Information such as location, speed , means that you can manage your resources more efficiently.


No more unauthorized stops, alternate routes. Verify hours worked on employee time cards. Savings on time and fuel all add to your bottom line

Safety & Security

Recovering stolen assets, protecting high valued goods and limiting liabilities


We recognize the needs of our customers, offering device augmentation and custom reporting to suit your needs


Fleet Managment

See your asset in real time: Engine ON, OFF, STOP, GO, Idling, speeding and so many other options. Each one of your assets activity is saved on our servers. Look back days, weeks, months, or go back even years and see what they were doing at any given time. Our hardware has been trial tested and surpasses all other trackers on the market.

Delivery Service

Inventory tracking once your assets leave the truck or transport is part of the Ultrack Advantage. For example, not only seeing where a skid may be, but actually knowing where and when it arrives safely to the end user allows you to monitor your product with advanced security and prompt deliver-ability.

Utility Vehicles

From service vans full of tools to garbage trucks that need to follow a predetermined route, Ultrack systems are LIVE TRACKING. Unlike other passive tracking or data loggers, vehicles report as it happens and carry a much wider range than your local carriers.

Industrial Equipment

Backhoes, dump trucks, generators, mobile road signage, dumpsters... all of these items are trackable. Know when and where heavy equipment is delivered to a site, how long it’s taking a truckload to get from point A to point B and if a dumpster has disappeared, an idea of where it might be.

Personal + Leisure

Whether you’re at the beach or in your driveway the possibility of theft is especially high on leisure vehicles. Protect your recreational vehicles with a Ultrack for peace of mind. Ultrack can be used on ATV’s, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cars, trucks and trailers.

Those You Love

It’s a nice feeling, knowing where your kids or senior family members are. With Ultrack you’ll be able to monitor their whereabouts unobtrusively and keep a virtual eye on them. For young ones, that added touch may give them just that extra little bit of security while learning independence.